About Tural Planlama

Tural Planlama, was founded in İstanbul in 2000 to provide urban (urban plan, urban regeneration, urban design, landscape, construction) and consultancy services to legal and private entities, public institutions and local authorities.

Our Services :

Urban Renewal Projects
Plan Implementation

Our Services:

  • Planning
  • Urban Renewal Projects
  • Plan Implementation
  • Landscaping
  • Visualization

In accordance with the principles of urbanism, compliance with applicable laws and regulations, the Master Plans, the Zoning Plans, the Development Plans for Conservation, the Development Plans related to Coastal Structures and Facilities and the Plan Amendment services on all scales are presented.

Physical, Economic, Social Structure Research, model and define strategy or improve research and development practices, organization activities for strengthen public communication, determination entitlement and real property valution, finance and feasibility working, legal and economic road maps, project cycle management, landscape, architectural and application projects with their model and animation services are presented.

Boundary detection, application, technical application responsibility, development plan implementation and parcelling, expropriation of land for road, parcelling subdivision, amalgamation of parselling, dimensional drawing etc. cartography services are presented.

Landscaping Project, square regulation, Urban Design Project services are presented.

In development plan working, 3d modeling and animation services are presented for subsistence and suggestion situation.

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